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No Way Back
6.5 1953
A Russian army officer is haunted by the memory of a girl he met during the war.
No Way Back
5.5 1
Laura, rebuilding her life after years under the toxic influence of Joachim, is raising their daughter on her own. When Joachim’s new girlfriend, Shirine, shows up at her door in dire straits, Laura realizes that they must help each other to get rid of Joachim’s harmful influence.
Way Back Home
7.5 2013
Jeong-yoon and Jong-bae own a car body repair shop together that gets in financial trouble. To help cover the losses and take care of her family, Jeong-yoon decides to smuggle thirty kilograms of cocaine.
No Way Back
6 1990
Heroic Bloodshed movie from 1990
All the Way Back to Liverpool
6.2 2012
All the way back to Liverpool - as the title suggests - is a journey. The documentary follows a group of musicians and friends as they write, rehearse and record new material to a strict three day deadline. It catches the creative process of making a record - how the initial idea for a song is developed through collaboration and improvisation - and how it changes once recording sessions start.
Don't Come Back by the Same Way
6.8 1965
The story of a few untrained construction workers from poor underdeveloped parts of the country, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina or Macedonia, who carry out seasonal work in the highly-developed republic of Slovenia. Far from home, problems arise for the men - with their families, alcohol, the local population's derision and the "real Slovenian workers".
The Way, My Way
5.5 2024
Based on the best selling Camino memoir of the same name by Bill Bennett, the film documents one man's journey along the Camino de Santiago, searching for meaning, not realizing it was right in front of him, one step at a time.
The Way
5.7 2024
Strikes in Port Talbot spark a revolution – and a family of fugitives go on the run. Facing impossible choices, what would you do?
The Way
5.5 2018
The Way is an inspirational story of the adversity and challenge professional surfers go through while trying to make it. The film starts with the discovery of an old surfboard washed ashore in Nelson, New Zealand. The board is refurbished and it turns out it was shaped by legendary charger Peter Way, New Zealand’s first ever national champion in 1963. Peter was known for his antics in and out of the water, but it was his mark on surfboard shaping, competitive surfing and surf lifestyle that has influenced the lives of generations of surfers who have come after him. Current pros Paige Hareb, Billy Stairmand and Ricardo Christie weigh in on what has driven them to success and also hard times. Maz Quinn takes us through becoming the first ever Kiwi to make the world tour of surfing and we’re taken on a journey through the north island of New Zealand to return the old board to the man who made it, Peter Way.