Result for "Contagion"

6.8 2011
As an epidemic of a lethal airborne virus - that kills within days - rapidly grows, the worldwide medical community races to find a cure and control the panic that spreads faster than the virus itself.
4.1 2002
In the 21st Century, terrorists have developed a new way to strike: disease. Not only have they created a deadly Level Four Ebola virus, their first victim is the President of the United States. The virus is particularly contagious and is spreading. If a cure cannot be found, the only chance for saving the world from epidemic is for the army to destroy the hospital and the town where the victims, including the President, are currently contained. The clock is ticking. As doctors search for a cure the military seeks to annihilate them all in a race to stop the deadly path of the contagion. Can the spread be stopped before its too late?
4.8 1988
A real estate agent is lured to a run-down mansion only to be trapped and tortured by ghosts.
Terror Contagion
6.4 2021
A short film produced in quarantine by Laura Poitras for the 2021 anthology film The Year of the Everlasting Storm.
Contagion of Fear
5.3 2024
A catastrophic train derailment sends the city spiraling into chaos. But the derailment is just the beginning. A biological gas attack sees crash survivors collapsing and dying within minutes. And the sickness is rapidly spreading.
Mysterious! Unbelievable ~Fear Contagion~
5.5 2004
This is the latest in a popular ghost documentary series that boasts an overwhelming number of submissions from the general public. Included are episode 1, "Suicide Ghosts," in which a photograph taken at the scene of a friend's suicide causes numerous horrors, and three other episodes related to ghost photography. It also introduces a number of ghost photos that have been submitted.
Contagion! The BBC Four Pandemic
7.7 2018
The government rates the global outbreak of a deadly flu virus as a major threat to the UK. It could happen at any time. To predict the impact of the next pandemic more accurately than ever before, new data is needed. Dr Hannah Fry is on the case. She sets out to recruit the nation to download the BBC Pandemic app in a ground-breaking experiment to help plan for when that happens. How quickly will it spread? How many could it kill? What can we do about it? Hannah masterminds the experiment and adopts the role of Patient Zero by walking the streets to launch the outbreak. Meanwhile, an emergency physician finds out why flu is still such a danger a century after flu killed up to 100mi people. He meets researchers trying to discover what makes some people more contagious and visits a factory that will produce vaccine when the next pandemic flu virus emerges. Armed with the information he gathers and the results of the BBC Four Pandemic experiment, they make a shocking revelation.