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Call of the Prairie
6.3 1936
Hoppy returns to find Johnny in trouble. Buck Peters has been shot by Porter who made it look like Johnny did it. When Johnny flees he runs into Linda. He takes a liking to her only to learn her father Shanghai is one of Porter's gang. Going after Shanghai, he gets captured by the gang and Porter now plans to kill him. But Hoppy is near by and Johnny will get unexpected help from Shanghai.
Call of the Unseen
5 2022
A young artist loses her confidence. An old artist struggles with dark visions. Their fates intertwine through an adventurous journey into the unknown.
Call of the Rockies
7.4 1944
Cowboy Sunset Carson teams up with Frog Millhouse on a routine supply trip to Placer City. Before long, the duo find themselves ambushed by a team of dastardly highwaymen embroiled in an extortion ring. Sunset and Frog must then go undercover to set things right for a mining town under siege. Galloping hooves, spittin' six shooters, and all manner of disreputable behavior ensue.
Call of The Yukon
5.3 1938
Adventuring author Jean Williams is living in the wilds of Alaska alongside the Eskimo people gathering material for her novel. She befriends several animals who become her loyal friends such as a pair of bear cubs whose mother has been killed by hunter Gaston Rogers, a talking raven and the bereaved collie Firefly who will not leave the grave of her master, a game warden killed in the line of duty. The community is imperiled by a pack of wolves and wild dogs, led by a wild dog called Swift Lightning, who are killing all the reindeer. With the supply of fresh meat gone, the Eskimos are migrating to lands with more food. Hunter Gaston agrees to take Jean to Nenana, Alaska, along with his furs by dog sled. Jean, who despises Gaston as being more savage and blood thirsty than the four-legged predators, is followed by her loyal animals.
The Call Of The Void
5.5 2023
A man decides to put an end to his anguish and ennui by finding his lost phone but faces a strange entity.
The Call of the River
7.1 2004
The film tells the story of a (somehow) love-triangle set in Bohol during World War II; though the main underlying themes deals with Filipino nationalism and the legacies of colonialism.
The Call of the Mountain
5.5 1937
In The Call of the Mountain (L’appel de la montagne) a couple are childhood sweethearts who are separated, she marries a rich man and he becomes an alpine guide. The woman’s husband dies, and she returns home to Switzerland, her wealth and beauty drawing interest from a foreign rake, rogue, and roué named Billinsky. He talks her into a mountain ascension that meets with disaster when some of the climbers fall to their deaths. Her loyal friend the alpine guide rescues his sweetheart, and saves her again.
Legends of the Wild
7.2 2020
Wilderness experts Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffman set off to solve some of the most incredible mysteries of the natural world, from unexplained sea creatures spotted in Alaska to deadly attacks by an airborne predator in Papua New Guinea.
Hero of the Wild
5.3 1977
A regional champion martial artist that moonlights as an honour-bound assassin, Tu Ta Shen, solidifies his reputation by challenging top fighters en route to the other champion, Nan Pa Tien, in order to unify both titles. Along the way he defeats a man who's shame in defeat drives him to suicide. Before he dies, recognizing Tu Ta Shen honour, he asks Tu Ta Shen to defeat a group of Manchu supporters led by none other that Nan Pa Tien. The dying mans son, Sa Woo, tries to kill Tu Ta Shen but is easily outmatched. Tu Ta Shen offer to teach Sa Yoo enough so that he can take revenge for his father. The two set out together; One to fulfill a promise to a dying man, one to keep a promise of revenge.
King of the Wild
6 1931
Richard Grant, imprisoned in India for a crime he did not commit, escapes and makes his way to Africa.