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Frozen Fever



On Anna's birthday, Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give her the best celebration ever, but Elsa's icy powers may put more than just the party at risk.

Walt Disney Pictures , Walt Disney Animation Studios
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Absolutely the worst movie.

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Aneesa Wardle

The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.

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The original film "Frozen" was a pretty good animated musical from Disney that got so much popularity, you couldn't walk anywhere without hearing that godforsaken song "Let It Go" at some point. Even 2 years after the film's release, people are still singing the damn thing or playing it on their mobile devices. "Good GOD!", I shouted when I couldn't stand that song anymore. But this review isn't about the movie or that song. This is about the animated 7-minute short film that was released in 2015, preceding Kenneth Branagh's live-action re-telling of "Cinderella" (which was okay), simply called "Frozen Fever".Today is Anna's (Kristen Bell) birthday, and Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) want to make her party a special one that she'll never forget. How? Leading her on a scavenger hunt. There's just one problem: Elsa has a cold (no pun intended...honest), and she spontaneously creates small snowmen every time she sneezes, and all of 'em have a mind of their own.So as I've said, the original film was pretty good for what it was, with great CGI animation, decent songs, and, seeing as how this is Disney, a predictable, yet enjoyable story for the most part, with no cliffhanger whatsoever. The film became a modern-day example of a box office smash, with merchandise coming out the wah-zoo. The short film...meh. Granted, the animation is just as good as what we've seen in the original movie, but we've seen much better short films coming from the Disney studio in this decade story-wise, and feels more like a cheap cash-in, despite only being 7 minutes long. In other words, this was just a way to say that "Frozen" is still a thing. Hell, there were even news reports about how kids who are fans of the movie were pumped to see this as if this was supposed to be "Frozen 2". Oh, and I should mention, that seeing as how this is a follow up to a 2013 musical, most of the short is basically one whole musical number...which has the habit of referencing the names of the songs from the original movie, including the one that became the godforsaken tumor in everyone's brain.Honestly, this would be something that should've been a straight-to-DVD or Blu-Ray special feature instead of being released into theatres. For a short film, though, it isn't bad, but it isn't good either. This falls under the mediocre category for me and a one-and-done thing. I most likely won't be seeing this again anytime soon, and I hope Disney doesn't start making these for theatres on a daily basis.

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This short is no surprise, considering "Frozen" and its merchandise made zillions of dollars for Disney. My feeling is that the story itself didn't really matter...the studio just wanted to get anything "Frozen" back into the theaters. So, they reportedly took a song cut out of the original film and made a story about Elsa planning a birthday party for her sister, Anna. The story is nothing special and I would say the same about the song that is sung throughout. The only real special thing about it is the CGI--which is once again breathtaking. And, it also introduces the Snowgies, which I assume were created just so that Disney could market even more "Frozen" stuff to the kids.The bottom line is that if you adore everything "Frozen" you'll probably enjoy this. To me, it just felt second-rate and nothing more.

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What the point of dispensing any medical advice was, I couldn't tell you. Anna tells her sister she has a cold and needs medical care. The vendor tells her she needs a cold remedy. There is no medical care needed or of any value for a cold. We should stop seeking attention for the common cold. This raises all of our medical costs, wastes time and puts unnecessary and perhaps damaging 'medicine' into our children. It will pass. A fever is also mentioned. There is no fever with a cold. All in all, poor advice and not the place for advice-giving at all. Done with Frozen. Let it die. Do not push more on us. A surprise birthday party, without any invited guests, is all the writers could come up with for this nothing cartoon?

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I was highly disappointed with this short. As much as I loved Frozen when it came out in theaters, this was a disappointment and proved that sequels aren't worth it. Because this is the same director that directed Frozen and she makes a mostly unfunny sequel that has lacked almost all of the charm and wit from Frozen.The short leaves questions to be answered. This is so overrated, childish and plays out as a cloying Disney short, which downgraded it.The song just wasn't as memorable as the songs from Frozen. The characters are now silly, and how would Elsa's sneezing cause everyone to use them to make a great birthday??The same writer that wrote Frozen also directed this, and I can say, she doesn't do good directing neither.Anna is turning 19 now. And Elsa has to make up for all the birthdays that she done missed and try to make her the best birthday ever. This was just a bad idea which could've been executed okay.

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