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The Invisible Avenger
6.2 1958
Lamont Cranston, aka The Shadow, investigates the murder of a New Orleans bandleader.
The Invisible Ray
6.6 1936
Dr. Janos Rukh discovers a certain type of radium that has almost magical healing properties. But the element has a dangerous side, too, and it has already started affecting Rukh. Consumed by paranoia, he begins to suspect that his wife is having an affair. Wild for revenge, Rukh hatches a deadly plot...using his own poisoned body as a weapon to kill.
The Invisible Mountain
0 2021
"La Montagne Invisible" is an installation conceived as a journey into the infinite : an immersive multi-channel AV installation that transforms the material of a Finnish wanderer's secular pilgrimage towards a utopian summit into an infinite video labyrinth of beginnings, endings and disjunctive in-betweens.
The Great Invisible
6.4 2014
Penetrating the oil industry's secretive world, The Great Invisible examines the Deepwater Horizon disaster through the eyes of oil executives, explosion survivors and Gulf Coast residents who were left to pick up the pieces when the world moved on.
The Invisible War
7.6 2012
An investigative and powerfully emotional documentary about the epidemic of rape of soldiers within the US military, the institutions that perpetuate and cover up its existence, and its profound personal and social consequences.
The Invisible Eye
6.3 2010
A teaching assistant at a private Buenos Aires school begins obsessively spying on her students in the early 1980s, as the public rises up against the military dictatorship.
The Invisible Monster
4 1950
Man-woman team of investigators uncover a gang whose mad scientist leader has developed an invisibility chemical and plans to build a mercenary army of invisible men.
The Invisible Man's Revenge
5.9 1944
An eccentric scientist helps a fugitive from the law become invisible, unwittingly giving him the power to exact revenge on his former friends.
Invisible Wars
0 2021
A gripping science series that tracks global epidemics and explores the way that science has helped us fight back against the world's most deadly infectious diseases.
Invisible City
7.4 2021
An environmental police officer uncovers a hidden world of mythological entities from Brazilian folklore when he finds a connection between the mysterious appearance of a dead river dolphin on a Rio de Janeiro beach and the death of his beloved wife.