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K2 & The Invisible Footmen
7.2 2015
K2 is widely seen as the world's harshest mountain. Yet many indigenous porters make a living in its extreme conditions, carrying provisions for foreign climbing expeditions. Often risking their lives, they receive minimal pay for their efforts. Against a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty, this doc explores the courage and sacrifice of the men who call the 'Savage Mountain' their home.
The Invisible Woman
6.1 2013
In 1857, at the height of his fame and fortune, novelist and social critic Charles Dickens meets and falls in love with teenage stage actress Nelly Ternan. As she becomes the focus of his heart and mind, as well as his muse, painful secrecy is the price both must pay.
The Invisible Chronicles
3.3 2009
A brilliant young college student named Griffin goes to his psychologist, Dr. Kemp, with a strange and frightening tale. A few days earlier, at the local university, he made an incredible breakthrough with his experiments involving invisibility. Not content to experiment on inanimate objects, he injected his invisibility serum into himself. At first, he reveled in achieving his life-long dream of becoming invisible ... but once he realized that the effects were permanent, his harmless excursions into eavesdropping and voyeurism turned murderous. Now, his enemies will suffer and even his friends are no longer safe as he hunts them down, one by one, within the confines of the deserted university campus.
The Invisible Circus
5.6 2001
After learning that her sister, Faith (Cameron Diaz), has committed suicide in Portugal, Phoebe (Jordana Brewster), an 18-year-old hippie, decides to uproot from her San Francisco home to travel to Europe. Phoebe hopes to discover and experience the life that led to her sister's death by retracing her footsteps, which eventually leads to Wolf (Christopher Eccleston) -- Faith's boyfriend. However, as Phoebe's journey continues, a series of visions of Faith pushes her mind to the brink.
The Invisible Menace
5.4 1938
Army Private Eddie Pratt smuggles his new bride into camp in hopes of having a happy wedding night. Instead they discover a murder. Colonel Rogers of Army Intelligence arrives to take over the case. The prime suspect, Jevries, is well-known to Rogers, who sets out to get a confession from Jevries even though there are plenty of other suspects.
The Invisible Shore
0 1
Four years ago, sailing competitor Guo Chuan, who was sailing across the Pacific Ocean in a solo sailboat, lost contact with the shore team after 3pm on the 25th when sailing to the waters near Hawaii.
Invisible Alien
0 2021
The interstellar exploration spacecraft "Deep Space" that mysteriously disappeared 150 years ago suddenly appeared in low Earth orbit. The Human Space Agency set up an interim committee to investigate and question the only survivor. The horror experience of "Deep Space" is slowly developing.
Invisible Ink
6.2 2011
What would you do if everything you thought you knew about your past turned out to be a lie? Invisible Ink is a feature film directed and produced by Christopher Julian, and co-written with Jennifer Savran Kelly. Told in three separate but interweaving short stories, our three main characters search for the Truth, but what they find threatens their carefully constructed realities.
Invisible Target
6.7 2007
Three cops team up to bring down a criminal gang of seven, who have their own hidden agenda.
The Invisible Maniac
3.9 1990
An invisible scientist escapes from an asylum and teaches high-school physics to nubile teens.