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Bad Reviews Good Box Office That's The Nun

Warner Bros. Entertainment had excellent box office at the weekend. The Nun, The Conjuring’s squall, held premiere in London. It had taken $54 million which set a record of series in the opening week.

Though The Nun get a lot of negative reviews, and tomatometer is only 28% which set a record also, it was not influenced the box office of the movie. Essayists thought its box office could be better than The Conjuring 2 ($41 million in the opening week) and would became the top one of series.

However, bad reviews influenced overseas box office. If The Nun takes $70 box office in the overseas opening week, it can not catch up with It ($190 million). It took $123 million, and Paranormal Activity 3 by Paramount Studios and Blumhouse ($52 million) came third.

Nice performance helped Warner Bros. Entertainment got five champions of the north American box office. The period was not busy before cuz students came back school. Crazy Rich Asians attracted Asian audiences and The Meg was popular with monster’s fans. The Nun was a present for horror fans.

The three films occupied three positions on the top 5 box office this weekend. Crazy Rich Asians had taken $1350 box office on its forth weekend, and it would be the champion of Warner Bros. Entertainment this year. The Meg would take $1300 totally.