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The Godfather: Part II



The continuing saga of the Corleone crime family tells the story of a young Vito Corleone growing up in Sicily and in 1910s New York; and follows Michael Corleone in the 1950s as he attempts to expand the family business into Las Vegas, Hollywood and Cuba

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To me, this movie is perfection.

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How sad is this?

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It's an amazing and heartbreaking story.

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Adeel Hail

Unshakable, witty and deeply felt, the film will be paying emotional dividends for a long, long time.

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The Godfather II takes two compelling stories and weaves them together. Once again, Francis Ford Coppola makes a film that is interesting and emotional. Better than the original? Maybe - it's one of the few times that you can argue that point.

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After realizing I have just reviewed the first movie, I realized I should do the 2nd! Out of Coppola's work that I have seen thus far, this is my favorite. This is quite ironic because upon my 1st viewing, I thought it was the weakest of the trilogy. It may seem insane to rate this above the first, but Richard Roeper calls this his favorite movie.(See IMDB's trivia page for him.) Now WHY do I like this above the other? Hmmm..I have a hard time explaining that. I think one thing is the quotes. "My offer to you is this...nothing." "My Dad said you would always catch a fish if you said a Hail Mary."(that's a paraphrase.) "Are you so blind? It was an abortion, Micheal!" If I had to criticize something, it would be its length. Roger Ebert said "no good movie is too long and no bad movie is too short." I disagree with the first half. TGP2 is very good but it's very long. At 202 minutes, the movie actually seem longer and I had to repeatedly stop the DVD to get through it. Luckily there is an intermission you can skip. Either way, I do think this is the best Coppola film and therefore-if you see the 1st movie before this, you will definitely thoroughly enjoy it!

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The second part of the family crime saga about the mafia of the Corleone clan was an event that was widely celebrated in the cinema. In particular, six Oscar awards and a recommendation of prestigious cinematographic universities where our VGIK enters, but the main thing is not this, but that after forty years this film is watched and is still being revised, and in terms of staging a frame and accents, many contemporaries have much to learn from the maestro The Corypoles. As far as I heard, the director was not going to be engaged in the second film and the studio had to make concessions, in particular in the history of Vittorio it was partly to address the source, and the story of Michael's becoming as Godfather had to be fully compiled. I finally looked at the second film and I want to share my impressions and thoughts on this matter.The second film was no less a legend than the original, not only having earned a well-deserved viewer's success and recognition of the members of the American Film Academy, but also entering the history of cinema as the best "sequel" of all time, in a number of polls - even bypassing the brilliant first picture. It was with the "Godfather, Part II" began the general fashion of assigning continuations in the headings of serial numbers written in Latin or Arabic numerals.Coppola and Puzo deliberately sacrificed the dynamic development of the plot, placing a stake on "epic breathing", amazingly conveys the scale of personalities - a special kind of titans, from each decision whose lives depend. Even the Griffith principle of the "cross" installation comparison of the vicissitudes of the fate of the founder of a powerful family who fled from his native Sicily and with great difficulty conquering authority in America, and his heir does not contribute to an increase, so to speak, the speed of rotation of the flywheel of History. The denouement is constructed in such a way that, inevitably recalling the final frames of the original, holds, rather, the opposite thought. The next cycle does not end, when you almost physically feel the change of the "spiral coil", which knocks everyone: from the exiled Coroleone rivals to the last close person, eliminated for the committed treachery. On the contrary, everything returns to its own place, as if an unperformed prophecy is being fulfilled, or the Fate enters into rights, allowing for the time being to be illusions about free will. The final turns into a start, the ghosts of the past briefly come to life at a festive family table, and Michael's strong words sound even more dramatic and naive, outraged by his father's agreement with Tom Hagen: "I have my own plans for my future." Further - silence ...At the same time, the first and second (as well as the third, released after a decade and a half) parts are not so much refuted as complement one another. The authors, as if expanding the initial socio-philosophical premises, are no longer limited to analyzing the actual functioning of the mechanism of the mafia "family", even significantly increasing the scale: forcing Michael to defend honor at hearings in the Senate and acquainting himself with the international interests of Corleone, as if it is a full-fledged transnational corporation. The opening of the sources of the power of Vito Andolini, on the one hand, based on the centuries-old patriarchal traditions of Sicily, proved to be stronger and more effective than modern state institutions, and on the other hand acting under pressure of circumstances, adapting to the brutal realities of the poor New York quarter. However, it can not be considered a coincidence that a memorable musical leitmotif permeates inexpressibly disturbing notes, accurately warning of the omnipotence of Rock. From the interesting is also the concept of unfolding two plot layers, where in parallel with Michael is shown also the history of the formation of Witto, in order to better show us the father's features in the son, and the son could show the paternal character. The evolution of the mafia is visible in a huge conglomerate that has engulfed the whole of America and many infrastructures are in their hands, these people have a huge influence on politicians and other power-holders. From the philosophical point of view, this film is about how difficult it is to become an independent leader, how to show that you do not attach yourself to the glory of the Father, but you yourself are able to make weighted and complicated decisions. In this respect, the drama of Michael Corleone, whose marital status at first was shaky, and the other clans conceived the evil, worked well ...Actor's works leave no doubt that before you the screen life, when the human pain is reflected on the faces of the actors. Al Pacino is great in the role of Michael, the warm heart gives way to the pragmatism inherent in the Head of the Mafia clan. Young Vittorio performed by Robert de Niro was able to show charm and become the future of Don with him, too, there were many events that change character. All the actors here are in unity and show how it is necessary to plunge into the role, in all to see a lot of work for what each of the actors thank you very much.Verifying: A great movie that is recommended to watch everyone as an example of clear, competent and well-coordinated work of the creators' team, the whole mechanism works like a clock and as a result of hard work we get no less legendary film, somewhere even ahead of the original. Timing mastodon (202 minutes) does not interfere with perceiving history and imbued with the content of the saga. Such films are not at once to understand their greatness and strength to be reviewed and analyzed, but this film (like the whole trilogy) should not pass you by. All good and pleasant viewing!

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One of the best movies. i love de niro in this movie

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